Christmas Kms Challenge #KeepMoving

In order to promote sports and the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the PE department encourage pupils and families to keep fit over the festive period with a new edition of our traditional Christmas Kms Challenge, designed to make us exercise over the Christmas break.

Record your runs using a FREE mobile app with GPS, such as Runtastic, Nike Running or any other you wish to use.

To win school house points, ENTER the total number of KMs you completed and submit the form by SUNDAY 9TH JANUARY!

1 km RUN      =   1 House Point
1 km WALKED  = 1/2 House Point
1 km CYCLED = 1/4 House Point

We ask that any pupil under the age of 14 does not run on his/her own. It is vital that students follow safe and well known routes close to their homes.

We also encourage parents to join this initiative since we all tend to overindulge a little over the festive period.

We are looking forward to seeing the results in January. Good luck everyone and have a lovely Christmas holiday!