Engaging in recognised charitable projects is a new and exciting development of Aloha College Marbella’s core offerings to our students, staff and families.

At both national and international level, we are initiating and developing charitable programmes. The aim of these programmes is to enable students to understand their capacity to make meaningful contributions to their immediate community and wider society.

Students gain knowledge about the factors leading to global inequality and environmental challenges, and have the ability to contribute to addressing issues like animal welfare, elderly care, cancer awareness, neurodiversity among others.

It is paramount to promote empathy and a genuine social understanding towards those who find themselves in challenging circumstances. Therefore we facilitate realistic and effective solutions, emanating from within our student body which will develop key components in instilling Aloha College Marbella values.

Also, we have now a considerable number of parents with their own children in attendance at school, who were themselves former pupils. This unique blend amongst the Aloha College Marbella community has enhanced the exciting journey of reconnecting and celebrating the enduring spirit of our alumni.


A key strength of this programme is that our students drive many of these initiatives. We believe that students grow from a sense of belonging and take pride in having ownership in the actions which they are setting out to achieve. This underscores Aloha College Marbella’s commitment to fostering student-led initiatives.

Supporting our students in these charitable projects, coupled with their academic endeavours, will give them a lasting and positive legacy for life.