Charity in aid of animal species affected by Australian bushfires

An important part of World’s biodiversity on fire.

We have been very moved by the recent ongoing news of the Australian bushfires and the suffering and death of thousands of animals. It is a tragedy that concerns all of our pupils.

“In Australia, 80% of the fauna is endemic, animals such as the koala, the pygmy mountain or the giant petauro are not known elsewhere, so the consequences of their loss are dramatic on a global scale,” explains Diana Colomina, forest coordinator at WWF Spain.

As a school we place great importance on our Eco project and charity work so it is very important that we are supportive on this issue.

On Friday 31 January we invite all pupils and staff to wear non-uniform and donate a minimum of €2 to the animal cause.

Mateo Iturmendi in Year 11 -who has family in Australia and lived there himself- has led a thorough research to choose the most appropriate charity to which we will grant the money collected.

10.3 million hectares have burned, an area greater than the territory of Portugal. There are 28 fatalities, 2,000 burned homes and an estimated number of 1 Billion animals killed in the fires, according to Christopher Dickman, professor of Earth Ecology at the University of Sydney and former president of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.

Thank you in advance for your support, and thank you, Mateo!

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