Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Last week the Modern Foreign Languages department celebrated the European Day of Languages by having some special activities in language lessons and holding many different competitions and activities. The objectives were to celebrate the diversity and vast array of languages and cultures within the Aloha College Marbella student community.

Some of the highlights of the week involved some Year 12 volunteers who read a story in their native language, to some fellow native students in Year 7. Year 12 were also involved in some role reversal, when they became the teachers, and gave lessons in their own language and culture  to some of the Aloha Secondary teachers.

The week ended with an assembly for Y7 in which some brave students, Rida, Polina, Alexandra, Kate, Stella, Nellija and Laura  took to the stage and performed a song or a poem in their native language. Students were invited to wear a traditional hat or hair bands/ribbons of the colours of their country’s flag. The assembly ended with a Languages’ Quiz  which Cordoba won.