Assembly Year 5 VJL

Year 5 VJL recreated the Ancient Greek myth of King Midas, the greedy king who wanted to be the most powerful King in the landThe Assembly started with an excellent dance by the colourful flowers in the King’s gardens, choreographed to The Dance of the Flowers from the Nutcracker SuiteThe King then discovered a strange creature among his roses bushes, a satyr, who was returned to his master, the powerful God Dionysus who granted Midas one special gift. He chose the gift of turning everything that he touched to gold. As his world was transformed to a glittering, lifeless golden place the audience was entertained by a powerpoint presentation flashing images of golden items and to the wonderful music of Eva Cassidy’s Fields of Gold. As the King realised that this was not a gift but indeed a curse he soon understood the errors of his ways and decided to live his life without being greedy.

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