Assembly Year 4HNL

Class 4HNL have been learning about Henry VIII this term and decided to base their assembly on his life story.The show took on the form of an aged Henry looking back over his life and wives, accompanied by his jester.The past was revealed through a series of flashbacks, announced by two modern day news readers and heralded by flashing lights and crashing cymbals.The assembly gave the children the opportunity to sing Greensleeves and perform various Tudor style dances. There was a re-enactment of the last of The Wars of The Roses. We saw an array of beautiful wives and learnt how their marriages ended.The assembly ended with the whole cast celebrating Henry’s sixth and final marriage to Catherine Parr.The children worked really hard to learn their lines and dances, their parents provided fantastic costumes and the show was a great success!

Hnl 1

Hnl 2

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