At Aloha College Marbella, we remain committed to building a strong community of former students who stay connected after graduation. Over time, our alumni database has grown five-fold and we have been fortunate to see many alumni re-visiting the school, both to attend various school events and also to share their new found knowledge and expertise with our current student body.


Our summer newsletters have also shared stories under the heading of alumni success and we have had the pleasure of reading about many ex-students and their achievements after leaving us over the years. This has become an engaging space that celebrates the achievements and milestones of our former graduates.

Also, we have now a considerable number of parents with their own children in attendance at school, who were themselves former pupils. This unique blend amongst the Aloha College Marbella community has enhanced the exciting journey of reconnecting and celebrating the enduring spirit of our alumni.

This new digital platform serves as a vibrant hub where former students can reconnect, reminisce, and stay informed about the latest developments within our school community. We are always looking for ways in which our former students can get involved in the life of the College and we hope you will use this new site to stay in touch with us!.

Please send us your photos, stories and news, along with your accomplishments and achievements, so that we can highlight them on this new window into life after Aloha College!