Aloha College Enterprise Week

Last week budding business entrepreneurs were emerging all over Aloha College Secondary School during Enterprise Week. Ms Metcalf -their Head of Business, Economics and Technology- and her team planned some wonderful learning moments but Tuesday’s stock market challenge really captured the flavour of the week: it looked and sounded just like a real stock exchange with the prices rising and falling on the big screen, the opening and closing bells and the buzz of students discussing whether to “buy, buy, buy!” or “sell, sell, sell!”.

Managing their team’s portfolio of shares required shrewd thinking and with up to 74 transactions to calculate and log, the students worked incredibly hard. The feedback from Year 9 students was very positive and it was good to hear them justifying their financial decisions based on trends or sudden changes in the market and on information from the daily newspapers. It was a fabulous learning    experience for all of them.

Stock Market Challenge1 (Small) Stock Market Challenge2-press (Small) Stock Market Challenge4 (Small)Stock Market Challenge3 (Small)  Stock Market Challenge5 (Small) Stock Market Challenge6 (Small) Stock Market Challenge7-press (Small) Stock Market Challenge8 (Small)