Aloha College celebrate the Diamond Jubilee

Whilst the Queen of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, hosted a weekend of festivities in London to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, the children of Aloha College Primary School, joined together to enjoy a traditional English street party in her honour.Having been introduced to her role in some of the memorable and historic events that have taken place during her 60 year reign over Great Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as her work in the international global community, the children participated in setting up an authentic Jubilee celebration.They adorned the school with bunting and balloons, symbolically decorated, and wore red, white and blue to reflect the colours of the Union flag. Thanks to the help of our enthusiastic and supportive parents, the children were offered a selection of the finest British fare in a feast fit for a queen!

Jubilee 1

Jubilee 2

Jubilee 3