ACBC matches 23 October

Last Sunday, October 23, we had the opportunity to celebrate another basketball day in Aloha College Basketball Club.

The first two categories to play were prebaby and baby respectively. It was the first staging for our prebaby team, and they did not disappoint us. They fought and enjoyed during the match. The baby players still form a very strong team, playing a solid game always dominated by Aloha. The team won the match with a 21-10 as a result.

The two following games were premini and mini. In premini category, although we did not get a victory, we should take into account they played against a federated team, and they did their best during the match. Our mini players got back in the game during the second time, scoring 11 points one after another.  The great feat is owed to the defence obtained from the bench and a lethal counterattack. The mini team won the match with a score of 53-42 and the premini lost the match with a score of 7-53.

Later, the infantile team played a match with 14 players in it. For all of us, it is a sign of joy the great participation and development that our players have this season. The infantile team lost the match with a score of 28-32.

The cadete – senior team finished this day of basketball, we have seen a great commitment and connection between all the players, both during training and the matches. despite of the short time we have been playing together. The cadete – senior team finished the game with a score of 25-32.

We appreciate the visit of Escuelas Deportivas de Benahavis for the collaboration. Also, the participation of the referees and Aloha College student’s Jere Johansoon. He participates encouraging the games with a perfect selection of music.

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