ACBC local league matches 28 Jan

On Sunday, January 28, the basketball local league was celebrated in Aloha. It last from 10.00 to 14.00. Twenty two came to play, being the most attending local league day of the year.

Our main goal for this day was to get a fast-paced rhythm during the event. For this purpose, the matches need to start fast, they must last for longer, and then they have to finish ever faster. The less you wait, the more you play and the more fun you have.

All the Aloha teams won their matches. They were very organised during the matches and motivated to win. We want to highlight the mini team, who won their match by more than 40 points. This team is improving a lot day by day and for that reason, next year they will be playing in the federated league.

To finish we want to thank again Victor Ranea, Juan Plaza, Sergio Barea and Francisco Contreras. Thanks to the cooperation of all, this Sunday Aloha was seen as the great school that it is.