ACBC First match of the season

On 29 September, it was played the first basketball match of the season. On this occasion, the Club Linces de San Pedro visited us. Our Premini and Mini teams are preparing for a challenging season in which they will play against the best teams of Málaga.

The Premini team started with their first match. Aloha started losing for 14 points, but thanks to the scoring capacity of Gregory and Gabriel Graae, it was possible to overcome the match. It is also necessary to emphasise to Georgie and Maddie Verinder, who made their maximum effort in defense and controlled the basketball.

The turn was for the Mini team. Aloha dominated the game from the beginning, it become obvious the experience the players gained from last year. We must highlight one of the new additions to the team, Álvaro Olivos. Álvaro has great skills for basketball and on Saturday he demonstrated it by scoring and assisting all the players of the team.

The last game was played by the Infantil/Cadete. Aloha came out with very clear ideas in attack and defense. Zach Smythie scored the 5 triples. The whole team was at a high level of concentration, playing with the offensive tactics that they trained during the week.