Great start for Aloha College in “Educabasket” league. Our teams won all the matches. Baby, Premini and Mini categories participated this time.

Mini category was the first to play and they dominated completely both games. We need to make a special mention to Angel Duck , for her performance both in the games and the progress she has made since last year until now. We must also highlight the play of Alberto Díaz in his first season playing in ACBC, being one of the pillars of the team.

The next team to play was the premini. Our goal is that all players be confident with themselves and they are be able to help their team to win. The premini team is a clear example of this. Because of the absence of some key players today, we have the appearance of Claudia Argüelles and Sebastian Vohlmuth that thanks to their defence and the offensive rebound, we win the two games.

The last category to play was the baby team. Our coach Luis Hidalgo is doing a great job with this team, getting a competitive and cohesive team. We need to make mention for Arabella Duck and Alexander O’hayon, who led the team’s offence.

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