ACBC – Aloha College vs Benahavis Basketball Club- April 28

Last April 28 we enjoyed a day of basketball against the Basketball Club Benahavis: we played the categories Baby, Premini and Mini.

The first game was the category Baby: Our players in the baby team have improved a lot during this season and in this game we noticed the improvement. It was a very even match but finally Aloha won the match. The final score was 30 to 24 for Aloha College.

The second game was the category Premini: On this occasion our preminis played against a federated team of high level. It was a tough match in which our players had to fight at all times. This experience served our players to continue learning and growing as a team.

The third game was the mini category: Our mini team also played against the federated team of Benahavis. Aloha was shown with very clear ideas in both attack and defence and fought throughout the game.