Primary Science Week is here to stay

Last week we celebrated our very first Aloha College Marbella Primary Science Week. The theme was Growing for the Future.  It was exciting to visit the classroom and see all our budding scientists researching, questioning, investigating, planning and learning.

Through role play and exploration, our youngest pupils played their part in science week by learning about our oceans. Floating and sinking objects and talking about the importance of the ocean in our food chain inspired the learning and activities we can see in the pictures below.  

The children in Years 1 and 2  l investigated our climate, climate change and the harm plastic pollution is doing to our planet. Year 2 made a ‘ plastic pledge’, promising to take action and recycle to stop our planet becoming any more polluted.


Year 3 learned about Deforestation and the terrible plight of wildlife and plants in our rainforests. It was shocking to see how much deforestation is caused by logging, slash and burn, farming and construction as well as replacing rainforest trees with palm oil trees. One thing we can do is to ‘ rewild’ areas of our school.  

Year 4 focused on our carbon footprint and once again planned activities on how we can recycle.  One of the activities they enjoy=yed very much was creating ramps to investigate forces from junk materials.

In upper KS2, the focus was on renewable energy and air quality and pollution. In year 5 the children looked at the devastation caused to our landscape by mining and cleverly used chocolate chip cookies to show the destruction of the land to extract the ore (the chocolate chips).  They also used their knowledge of circuits to create wind power as a sustainable form of energy.

Year 6 took on research and investigation into air quality and  pollution. They identified the main causes of air pollution and how we can reduce it. Understanding the difference between weather and climate, led to discussion on climate change, it´s effect and what can we do to slow it down.

It is clear to see that our Science week was hugely popular with our teachers and pupils alike.  The children are already asking to have it again next year and have offered amazing suggestions as to how we can make it bigger and better. It looks like Primary Science Week is here to stay!