Help Africa: a new whole school charity project

The importance of helping others.

We are very excited to announce the start of a new whole school charity project with Help Africa, a Uganda based indigenous NGO founded in 2010. Their aim is to help children in need. 

In Uganda, 2.4 million children from ages 0-18 are orphaned and most live in poor conditions and slums. Thus, we want to use the power we have as a community to improve the education and lives of these children who unfortunately don’t have the same opportunities as we do. 

This project will enable our community to forge relationships with individuals and invest in their growth, not only financially but socially and educationally too.

Ms Emma Saunders (primary pastoral team) will lead this wonderful project. Please, see what the project consists of in this short video below:

Our aim is to introduce our pupils to the reality of life for underprivileged children living in this part of the world and awaken their awareness of the background and culture that they are living in. 

We have already formed a charity committee with many enthusiastic pupils from both sections of the College. They have delivered a presentation to all members of our school community and have been busily planning a cake sale and some craft activities.

All pupils and staff celebrated this day by dressing in the colours of the Ugandan flag, while Primary children dressed as African animals.

We did not ask parents to donate any money this time. We need the help to be more thoughtful and profound. We will keep you informed, thank you in advance for your support.