Farewell letter from Mrs. Tong to the Aloha College Marbella Family

Jacqueline Tong wanted to highlight the concept of “Aloha Family” in a beautiful farewell letter addressed to her colleagues and the school community in general – these are some of her most memorable lines:

“I have felt like my colleagues have been my extended family over the 35 years I have been working there. It has certainly been my second home in more ways than one! With that concept in mind, I’d like to finish on a reflective note of nostalgia: past, present and future.

I think a lot of us will have experienced that memorable moment when our parents drove us to the train station, student flat or university hall of residence (the latter in my case), when we were leaving home for the first time. We were so excited, looking forward to the adventures ahead of us, the challenges and the learning we craved for, the new friendships. We were about to embark on a very important, life-changing experience. Our heads were full of plans and aspirations, wondering what the future would hold for us. Nervous but at the same time ecstatic about the possibilities which lay ahead of us; the world was our oyster! 

The physical hugs and tears had finished, we’d started walking through the gate or up the steps to the doorway, but then just as our parents were about to drive off, we took one last glance over our shoulder. We wanted to capture that one final image and freeze it in time. (It’s one I personally still remember). Well on Tuesday, I was the one driving away, but history was repeating itself: I was about to embark on an exciting new life; the world was my oyster! Again, I looked over my shoulder and took that one last glance: the image I captured of my dear colleagues and friends, my Aloha family… all saying goodbye and wishing me well, will always be with me! 

You have all been a pleasure to work with! Thank you for everything!”