Summer School

Prices / Bookings

Summer School 2017 information below.

Price / Bookings




4-week package 580 € 675 €
3-week package 450 € 515 €
2-week package 305 € 350 €
1-week package 160 € 185 €
Deposit required 160 € 185 €

The cost for each student includes:

All tuition fees, books and materials, insurance, daily snack, outings every Wednesday, Summer School uniform (t-shirt, shorts and cap) and Certificate.

A deposit of 160 / 185 euros is required to reserve a place and is not refundable on cancellation.

If you would like a copy of our Summer School brochure click here to download one in PDF format.

Online Application form

Fill in our Online Application form to book a place at Aloha Summer School.

Please find below the Summer School 2017 Terms and Conditions:


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