Charity Events

In order to highlight our core values and develop our pupils’ consideration for the needs of people in our local and international community, the students are heavily engaged in charity work and fundraising events. In all cases we aim to build lasting relationships.

All pupils are encouraged to take an active and meaningful role in supporting charitable organisations in Marbella and globally.

Charity action

All who form part of the Aloha Community are overflowing with generosity – our pupils could organise a charity campaign every day if we let them. Instead of this, to collect reasonable amounts of money efficiently we have an annual Charity Plan.

Our aim is to channel the ideas that are presented to us, mainly by our pupils, and put them into action. From music concerts to non-uniform days, there are many ways of raising money for charity.


Caring for patients suffering from cancer.

Commitment and passion to help those in need

Certain events recur every year, like the Cudeca “race”, where Primary and Secondary children are sponsored for the metres they run.

We also invest in the calendar produced by the local Association CRECE which offers support to children with disabilities, and we contribute to food banks for those in need.

Every year there are new initiatives which underline to our pupils the value and importance of supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.

Delivery for Caritas
Other Charity Events

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