Cambridge Awards

This week we received a letter from Cambridge International Examinations congratulating us on the IGCSE results of 2 of our students.  Daria Finikova achieved the highest mark in Spain for her IGCSE PE, something which is a first for Aloha.  The IGCSE PE results have risen steadily over the past few years, but this surpassed […]

Enterprise Week Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge is an engaging event that Year 9 participated in. The year group were split into house teams competing against each other. They had to try and make the most money from buying and selling shares on a simulated stock exchange, based on the London stock market. Teamwork, making decisions under pressure, […]


The ‘BE KIND’ Campaign was launched in Aloha College on the 13th – 17th November 2017. The aim of the campaign is to help raise awareness of bullying and the importance of supporting each other. The campaign was initially launched by ‘This Morning’ in March 2017.It was launched after two mums shared their tragic stories […]

Year 8 Chocolate Enterprise Challenge

As part of the school’s ongoing Futurewise Careers Programme, all year 8 students took time out of lessons on Thursday to participate in an Enterprise Challenge. Students worked in teams in the Hall, closely directed by Ian Pierson from Inspiring Futures. Their challenge was to turn their team into a small business with the aim of creating, packaging and marketing […]


Both boys and girls U13 teams were strong contenders to be in the reckoning to win their respective tournaments today and they both came extremely close to achieving that double. U13 boys and girls, teams managed to win their groups and pass to the semi-finals with comfortable goal differences. Particular highlights for the boys who were commanding […]

Save the Children Charity race

On 10th November, Aloha College hosted it is first ever Inter-House Charity Race for Save the Children.   Children and teachers from Nursery to Year 13 participated in their Inter-House Races which were greatly supported by the Aloha parents.  We congratulate all the children for their participation and thank all the parents for their donations. Well done to Cordoba […]


On Tuesday the 24, 7 students  from Year 13 visited Gibraltar as part of their English B studies. They spent the day talking to locals and tourists, investigating Gibraltar as part of their ‘Leisure’ module. The students had a fantastic time finding out about life and culture in Gibraltar, as well as the views and […]

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