A “house point” to the large number of attendees to the Spanish workshop held on 7 May. The teamwork between teachers, parents and students was excellent. The children enjoyed watching the adults learning with them in the classroom, and the teachers had the opportunity to show the strategies and teaching methods that are carried out […]

YEAR 1 Pirate Day May 2019

Year One were transformed into a crew of mischievous pirates!  Aboard the Aloha ship, we sang some pirate songs and played along using a variety of instruments. We went on an adventurous treasure hunt then made maps for someone else to find our treasure. We used our artistic skills to create our Jolly Roger flags […]

Charity Run – Supporting Healthy Minds in London Marathon (Alumni Chris Knaup) April 2019

On Monday the 8th April, Primary children from Nursery to Year 6 participated in a Charity Fun Run.  Children and Parents from Aloha, supported Chris Knaup, an alumni who ran the London Marathon to raise awareness for “Healthy Minds”, helping people with depression, anxiety or stress.   This charity promotes the benefits of sports and exercise […]

Primary School Maths Workshop Mar 2019

The Maths Workshop on Thursday morning once again proved our children’s ability to demonstrate and explain their learning with confidence, something which encouraged more parents to ‘have a go’ themselves. 240 parents attended which is the highest ever turnout for one of our workshops. Miss Fox began the morning outlining the different areas of learning […]

Year 2 Día de Andalucía Assembly Feb 2019

Once again, Aloha College celebrated the Día de Andalucía with an Assembly coordinated by the Spanish department. In the performance we could see how the new students are improving their level of Spanish and, as those who have been in school longer, they master and enrich it. A group of friends watching the special programme […]

Y1 Planeta Explora’s visit 6 Feb 2019

Year 1 had a wonderful visit from the Planeta Explora team. They provided a variety of very entertaining and fun science experiments related to solids, liquids and gasses. The children made coloured gas from water vapour, colouring and dry ice. They had fun watching bubbles grow. They played hot potato with an ever expanding bag. […]

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