Nursery Assembly April 2018

The Nursery children were fantastic in their assembly, showing everyone how much they have learned about growing! We had line dancing farmers and children who narrated the story with their superb speaking voices. We had dances from our very own rays of sunshine, rhythmical rain , great growing vegetables and then finally some delightful dingly, […]

Year 5 Trip to Planeta Explora

On Friday, 16th March, the children in Year 5 went to Planeta Explora in Benalmádena. The excursion was closely linked to their IPC studies. During the visit the children developed their scientific understanding through practical investigations. They had a wonderful time finding out about reversible and irreversible changes by mixing solids and liquids to create […]

Y3 Assembly – The Happy Prince

Year 3 performed a moving portrayal of ‘The Happy Prince’ by the acclaimed Irish playwright Oscar Wilde. The main character is a beautiful statue, covered in gold leaf and decorated with jewels. The statue represents a prince, who during his lifetime, was famous for being happy. However, the truth is that the prince appeared to […]

FS2 Marbella horses visit

FS2 children were learning all about Plants and Animals when visited Marbella Horses, a pony club in Estepona. As the sun was shining, they had super fun learning how to care for the ponies; brushing their hair, feeding them healthy carrots and learning about the toys they like to play with in their stables! To […]

Día de Andalucía

As every year, Aloha College celebrated the Día de Andalucía with different events. In the morning, students and staff enjoyed an Andalusian breakfast, where they could taste an excellent olive oil typical from our land. In the afternoon, Year 4 students delighted us with a dedicated performance, this year, with famous Andalusian celebrities, from the […]

Y2 Trip to Nagüeles Farm

Year 2 students visited the Fort of Nagüeles in Marbella, to develop in a playful way those contents that are learned in class. They were riding a pony, they made nests with natural materials, walked around the whole farm, jumped in bouncy castles and even fed some very good little goats who showed a lot […]

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