On Wednesday 7 November, Year 2 and Year 3 children were invited to take part in “Pequemaratón”, a sporting event organised by Marbella Town Hall. The children were presented with a variety of activities, involving many different abilities, focusing at all times on having fun while being active; the monitors of this event guided them […]

Year 5 Assembly Nov 2018

Year 5 enjoyed creating and performing their assembly in November, demonstrating all of their knowledge on the Ancient Greeks. They created a rap about the Greek Gods, a performance all about the ancient Olympic games and also re-enacted a famous Greek myth – Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds – along with some vibrant, entertaining dances. […]


A ‘high quality’ morning of English was enjoyed by both the children and parents as we opened our doors for The Primary School’s English Workshop. All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 took part in a range of activities which were designed to demonstrate all aspects of the English curriculum. There were many fantastic […]

Year 2 Assembly October 2018

In Milepost 1, the children in IPC have been learning all about being ‘Time Detectives’. So when Year 2 was asked to perform their assembly on Monday 22nd October, they decided they would show what they had learnt about the past. Of course, this meant they had to enlist the help of two special people who […]

Year 4 Spanish Assembly Oct 2018

To celebrate the National Day of Spain that took place on the 12 October, Year 4 students prepared an Assembly called “El Español a lengua con premio“. In the Assembly they learned about Spanish language authors who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Everyone participated with enthusiasm in the talks and songs rehearsals and had […]

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