Aloha College Marbella – Sport Superstars!

Congratulations to some of our star sporting pupils who have achieved great success outside of school. Sophie Ergo became the Aloha Golf Junior Champion after playing monthly matches during 2018.  Another Aloha pupil, Christian Porter-Lourdon , won the same accolade in the 9-hole category. Superb success for Florence Sargent, who has now gained a place […]

KS2 Assembly – Can we help you?

In Reception, we have been very busy learning about “People Who Help Us”. We have discussed what people do for jobs, what skills they need to be good at and different equipment they may need to use. Our assembly, ‘Can we help you?’ linked to this, showing many different jobs that we would like to […]

Primary School Maths Workshop Mar 2019

The Maths Workshop on Thursday morning once again proved our children’s ability to demonstrate and explain their learning with confidence, something which encouraged more parents to ‘have a go’ themselves. 240 parents attended which is the highest ever turnout for one of our workshops. Miss Fox began the morning outlining the different areas of learning […]

Year 2 Día de Andalucía Assembly Feb 2019

Once again, Aloha College celebrated the Día de Andalucía with an Assembly coordinated by the Spanish department. In the performance we could see how the new students are improving their level of Spanish and, as those who have been in school longer, they master and enrich it. A group of friends watching the special programme […]

Year 3 Visit to Planeta Explora Feb 2019

Year 3 became scientists for the day.  They even wore white coats and goggles! They made coral reefs in small cups and made miniature volcanoes by mixing vinegar, baking soda, food colouring and a little washing up liquid. Later they got some dry ice and put it into coloured water. Guess what happened? It made […]

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