Trip to Malaga – Year 5

On 7 October, Year 5 pupils took a trip to Málaga, the capital of our region. They visited the city’s most interesting monuments – the Fortress, the Cathedral and the Castle, and a very enjoyable time was had by both students and teachers.

Tennis Trials

On 16 October Aloha College pupils will be taking part in a tennis competition for schools at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella, in 5 different categories from under 10’s to under 18’s. This week we are holding trials in order to choose the teams who will represent us at the event.

Teaching Staff

We are pleased to welcome several new members of staff to the Aloha College team: In the Junior School we have Ms Nicol O’Shaughnessy as Deputy Headteacher and Year 3 teacher and in the Senior School we have been joined by Ms Rysia Kaminski

Year 6 Welcome Assembly

Year Six began the year with their Welcome Assembly. The children began by forming the word WELCOME out of body shapes which looked effective as they were dressed all in white .They then said hello and welcome in many different languages and we learnt that there are as many as forty two different nationalities in Aloha College. A PowerPoint presentation followed which told the audience about the history of the Union Jack flag of Great Britain and also the story behind the Spanish flag. The presentation continued with several very interesting facts about various countries that the children had researched themselves, backed up by photographs. The assembly finished with a song, performed by all the students, which gave the cautionary message that we should all take care of our precious planet. As a treat for all the children in the Junior School and the teachers, the pupils of Year Six had all brought in some home made food from their countries which they later distributed to everyone.

Sports facilities

Over the summer a variety of work was carried out in school, the most noticeable being the new cushioned surfaces on both the Junior School basketball pitch and the Senior School pitch, essential to the ongoing development of our Sports Programme.

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