New Year Calendar of Asociación Crece

Together with the Mayoress of Marbella and other well known personages and companies, Aloha College was very happy to sponsor the New Year Calendar of “Asociación Crece” an organisation which provides all sorts of services for young people with Downs Syndrome in Marbella.

Parents’ Meetings

This week Year 11 and Year 13 pupils and parents will know exactly how well students did in their recent trial examinations, and which aspects they need to work on before May to achieve their best possible mark in the upcoming public examinations.

Trial Exams IB and IGCSE

Year 11 and Year 13 students at Aloha College have been sitting their trial exams recently. These are practice exams held under exam conditions and the idea is to let the pupils know exactly how the sessions are run so they do not get any surprises when the real ones come along.

Year 3 Visit to Marbella

Year 3’s annual visit to Marbella took place recently and this year’s students were able to discover and enjoy the town’s oldest and most well-known buildings, such as the Town Hall, the Cortijo Miraflores Museum, the Encarnation church, the Engraviings Museum and the Arabic castle walls. After behaving impeccably at every stage of this cultural visit, the students let off some of their energy in the Alameda and Constitution Parks..

Cambridge YLE Certificate

Aloha Senior School pupils are well used to the University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) examinations. Now Junior School pupils whose first language is not English have a chance to work for a qualification from this prestigious organisation.

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