Year 13 Prom

On Saturday 29 May our Year 13 students celebrated the end of their IB exams with a dinner at the Hotel La Quinta Golf. On this unforgettable evening they were accompanied by their class tutors, Elaine McGirl, Jane Arredondo and Graham Morgan-Smith, and members of the senior management team. After the dinner, Head Students Tania Rahmany and Sam Morgan-Smith gave an emotional speech remembering past years at school and wishing everyone the best for the future. It’s been a stony road but in the end we’ve made it! I wish you all the best in your new journey.

Residential Trips Years 5 and 6

Year 5 and Year 6 are currently enjoying their residential trips at the Granja-Escuela at Alozaina and El Chorro Farm, Alora, respectively. All sorts of activities are on offer – rock climbing, kayaking, cycling, hiking, paintball, swimming, tirolina, archery, pony-riding, as well as activities to do with the farm produce and animals. For some Year 5 children, this may be their first experience away from home and it is an ideal way for them to achieve certain independence while still being surrounded by friends and carers.

“Marbella Crea 2010” Art

Aloha College’s contribution to the “Marbella Crea” Art competition this year has been a significant one.In the “Crea Arte” Lauren Ellis won third place for her tattoo sculpture and Clara Kristensen gained a special award for her egg paintings.

Summer Bookfair

On Monday and Tuesday 31 May and 1 June, the summer Bookfairs took place for the Junior and Senior schools. This is a great opportunity for students to choose the books they like; with summer approaching there will be more time for relaxing reading, especially for those students who will have finished their exams! Proceeds from the Bookfairs go to purchasing additional books for the Libraries – we thank parents for their support.

Reception School Trips

Reception spent two lovely mornings out of school, one at Agro Jardin garden centre and the other at Nagueles park. We went on the school bus to the garden centre where we were able to plant a plant and learn about how to care for the many different types of plants and trees from all over the world.

IT Presentation

Francisco Gómez Espigares, pupil of Aloha College for 13 years, visited school again to show pupils of Years 7 and 10 his new interactive programme “Audience Response Systems”.

Year 5 Trip to Malaga

On their trip to Málaga, Year 5 pupils enjoyed visiting the most famous sites – the Cathedral, the Fortress and the Castle – a great way to support their “Sociales” studies!

Year 4 Trip to Ronda

As part of their Sociales programme, Year 4 pupils visited Ronda’s streets and sites, including the Bandolero Museum and the Mondragón Palace, and were able to inspect the flora and fauna of the Ronda mountain range. Their behaviour was even better than usual!