Year 6 visit to Planeta Explora

Year 6 visited Planeta Explora in November as an extension of our IPC unit of work on Making New Materials. The children became Scientists for the day and had the opportunity to mix different substances to create chemical reactions. We investigated how the density of a liquid affects its ability to mix and how gases […]

Cambridge Awards

This week we received a letter from Cambridge International Examinations congratulating us on the IGCSE results of 2 of our students.  Daria Finikova achieved the highest mark in Spain for her IGCSE PE, something which is a first for Aloha.  The IGCSE PE results have risen steadily over the past few years, but this surpassed […]

Enterprise Week Year 9 Stock Market Challenge

The Stock Market Challenge is an engaging event that Year 9 participated in. The year group were split into house teams competing against each other. They had to try and make the most money from buying and selling shares on a simulated stock exchange, based on the London stock market. Teamwork, making decisions under pressure, […]

Mrs Salmon and Mrs Batchelor Assembly

The theme of the Primary School Assembly this week was ‘communication’ and we were all excited to watch the first of our children’s videos explaining what this means. The excitement didn’t end there. Mrs Batchelor dashed into assembly with an important phone call! It was from Father Christmas! He told Mrs Salmon that he has […]

María Bolkhovitinova – Rhythmic Gymnastics in Lithuania

During half-term Masha took part in an international  tournament of Rhythmic  Gymnastics in Vilnius, Lithuania, and competed very well, coming second in hoops and sixth  all-around. The medal she  received was fitting reward for her 6-days-a-week training. This week Masha is representing Andalusia in a Spanish  championship in Alicante. I know how hard it is […]

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