KS2 Christmas Show Dec 2018

Children in Key Stage 2 enjoyed putting together their performance of ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ for Christmas. We learnt about the importance of thinking of others less fortunate than ourselves at this time of year, as Santa showed a particularly spoil pair of siblings how some unfortunate children have to spend Christmas time.

KS1 Christmas Show Dec 2018

Years 1-3 performed a very magical Christmas musical called `The Snow Child,’ which is based on a Russian folktale. They performed a variety of heart-warming songs and dances making this year’s show truly memorable.  This charming musical is about Peter and Anya, a couple who love children but can’t have any of their own. Each […]

FS Christmas Show Dec 2018

The children in Foundation Stage were so excited they couldn’t sit still as they told the story of ‘A Wriggly Nativity.’  With dancing animals bringing the stable alive, funky shepherds watching their sheep and an amazing band, the audience could not help but to wriggle along with the children! A fantastic performance by all; well […]

Y9 Trip around Marbella (Spanish)

On Wednesday 5 December, Year 9 Spanish students visited three archaeological sites in Marbella. The historical period being studied spans the 2nd to 5th century, that is, the Roman world and the beginning of the Middle Ages. We visited the Basilica, the Roman Villa and the historic area of the old town of Marbella. A very […]


Once again Aloha College celebrated its Christmas Bazaar which took place on Saturday 1 December. Visitors could enjoy the stalls were parents had their fabulous international food. Santa’s Grotto brought a big smile and happiness to young visitors. All visitors were entertained with excellent Maricuxilli performances, dancers, and choirs. It is a great proud to […]

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