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ACBC SuperDía Liga

On 11 March, Aloha College played the first day of “SuperLiga Día” in Ciudad Jardín sports center, previously Unicaja’s sports center. Fernando Romay was the great figure of this day and our team had the opportunity to take photos with him. We played against Colegio Platero, winning 38 to 5. The Superliga Día is a […]

ACBC local league matches 28 Jan

On Sunday, January 28, the basketball local league was celebrated in Aloha. It last from 10.00 to 14.00. Twenty two came to play, being the most attending local league day of the year. Our main goal for this day was to get a fast-paced rhythm during the event. For this purpose, the matches need to […]

Basketball WK50

Last Wednesday, our pre-A team played against CB Alhaurín El Grande. Aloha was superior throughout the game. Little by little our players are acquiring more basketball knowledge and they are playing a more colorful and effective basketball, both Adriana and Akezhan gave the team an offensive fluidity that had not been seen before. In this […]


Both boys and girls U13 teams were strong contenders to be in the reckoning to win their respective tournaments today and they both came extremely close to achieving that double. U13 boys and girls, teams managed to win their groups and pass to the semi-finals with comfortable goal differences. Particular highlights for the boys who were commanding […]

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