Book Illustration Project

Above: Illustration by Quentin Blake Our task Last term, in our art classes, we were working on a very creative task that consisted of picking a book of our choice and creating a booklet containing various key features of it. These features were: front page (style of our choice), character (pen and ink), scene (pencil), […]

Painted Bronze
How to Make a Clay Can Sculpture

Above: Jasper Jons, Painted Bronze , 1960 In Year eight we have been working around the concept of ́cans ́ and we completed various tasks related to cans in both class time and for homework. Out of the many things we did, I ́d like to tell you about our project on making clay cans. […]

London Art Trip

Above: Photograph by Luca Hadjisotiriou In this art trip, we visited many fascinating exhibitions, galleries and plays to gather inspiration for our future artworks. We visited the British Museum where we looked at an exhibition called “New Acquisitions” consisting of pieces from 1753 upwards and originating from all across the world. We also visited the […]

Inspired by Picasso’s ́Blue’Period

Above: Pablo Picasso, 1904, Woman with a Helmet of Hair, gouache on tan wood pulp board Recently in Art I have been focusing on Picasso and the “Blue” period. Picasso, in my opinion, is one the most diverse and talented artists of all time. His artwork consists of a variety of techniques and styles, showing […]