Estepona Murals

On the 27th of January, my family and I went on a trip around Estepona on foot on a hunt for murals, some old, some only a few years old. There were many of them, and you could go on for ages just wandering around, your eyes darting around like hummingbirds, attempting to spot the […]

Creativity in Confinement

Year 7 students discuss their lockdown Art projects. Online learning by Phoebe Wain The art tasks that we have been doing at Online School are mainly focusing on our drawing skills. In this task, we had to draw the view from a window in our house. I found this really fun, and I love to […]

Our Pop Art Project

Above: Andy Warhol,  ́Campbells Soup ́ Silkscreen Print, 1968 Pop Art started with the New York artists Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg, all of whom drew on popular imagery that turned into an international phenomenon since they used ways to use American commercialism in their art.Pop art is an art movement […]

IB Art exhibition Review

After a visit to the Y13 art exhibition I felt inspired and amazed by the spectacular yet diverse artworks produced by three talented artists who have graduated this year. The students used a wide variety of media and experimented with exciting materials such as sewing on a pillow case which brings a sense of innovation […]

Gillian Ayers inspired Paintings by Year 7

Above ́Dendera ́ by Gillian Ayers In art during the past few lessons, we have been learning about a famous artist called Gillian Ayres. We were inspired by her, and therefore made some art pieces on her work including painting plants & flowers in an abstract way with blocks of colour. Firstly, we chose some […]

Book Illustration Project

Above: Illustration by Quentin Blake Our task Last term, in our art classes, we were working on a very creative task that consisted of picking a book of our choice and creating a booklet containing various key features of it. These features were: front page (style of our choice), character (pen and ink), scene (pencil), […]