About Aloha College
International school in Marbella

Three simple words BE THE BEST – it’s a perfect slogan for Aloha College.

  • We want all our pupils and staff to be the best in everything they do
  • We expect all our pupils and staff to try their best and achieve the most that they are capable of
  • It is perfectly acceptable to make mistakes, we all do; however, our aim is to learn from them

This is what makes our school so great and enables Aloha College to pursue its core values and BE THE BEST.

Mission Statement and values
Academic Excellence
Aloha College offers
Aloha College offers a broad, well-balanced curriculum with depth and an element of choice.
We aim to
We aim to offer a gold standard in international education.
We strive
We strive for academic excellence - but not at any cost. We want all our pupils to achieve their maximum capabilities but in a happy, secure learning environment.
Aloha college international school in Marbella
Aloha college international school in Marbella
Aloha college international school in Marbella
Since 1982

Aloha College offers a British-style education for the international community, while offering education in Spanish language and culture, enabling students to gain qualifications from both the British and Spanish examination systems.

The school was founded in 1982 by six teachers, at the behest of local and expatriate families, who invested their own money in what was then and is to this day a not-for-profit-making project. The school has grown from 210 pupils to over 800 currently and from one small building which housed everyone to the present 27,000 m² of buildings and sport/recreational areas.

international school in marbella
Independent British Schools Inspectorate Report - ISI & NABSS