Climate Detectives continue to work on the report for the European Space Agency

You may have seen some of our Year 10 students in yellow jackets during morning rush hour or at the end of school and wondered: what they are up to?

They are carrying out traffic surveys as part of the Climate Detectives Project. They are studying the number of vehicles that pass the school during the day and taking measurements of air quality. 

As part of this work they composed a traffic survey which has already been sent to parents and staff about vehicle use related to travel to school. The survey has already shown some interesting trends, but we need to get as many responses as possible to ensure the data is accurate. The traffic survey is easy to fill in and will take five minutes of your time. It is anonymous. 

The data will hopefully give some insights into vehicle use and its effect on air quality in our environment. A summary of our findings will be published on the European Space Agency website.

Thank you to everyone who has already completed the survey. If you haven’t done it yet please take time to fill out the survey.