New School Chess Queen

Amira dethrones the current champion in the Chess Finals 2022. Shock win in the Chess Competition! Long term Year 12 chess champion, Cristóbal RodrÍguez, was beaten by newcomer, Amira Shaken, from 8ROC. She puts her speed and skill down to her grandmother who taught her to play chess competitively from a very young age. Congratulations, […]

Local charities thank Aloha College Marbella for their support

The school organised a collection of Christmas gifts for low-resourced families. As part of our traditional Give a Gift Campaign, Aloha College Marbella organised a collection of gifts and toys to help local families with fewer resources during the Christmas holidays. CADI association (Center for Child Diversity Attention) and other local associations sent us letters […]

Celebrating the European Day of Languages

Last week the Modern Foreign Languages department celebrated the European Day of Languages by having some special activities in language lessons and holding many different competitions and activities. The objectives were to celebrate the diversity and vast array of languages and cultures within the Aloha College Marbella student community. Some of the highlights of the […]

Welcome back to school

Welcome to the new academic year 2021-2022! We hope you had a fun and relaxing summer. What a joy to see your children back at school!  School news We have recruited new staff; excellent teachers who come to Aloha College with the very best qualifications and experience. Among them is Miss Rebecca Eldred, our new […]